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Other Applications
Aquavis SD is used as a sardine sauce stabilizer/thickener. It is a natural food ingredient especially blended to improve the quality of sardines. It lowers the dosage of tomato paste up to more than half of the present dosage for it gives a pulp-like texture same as tomato sauce. It does not mask flavor release, also does not give mushy or slimy texture and starchy taste.

It is formulated to provide the following:
  1. stabilize and thicken sardines sauce
  2. impart a smooth texture by binding the ingredients preventing water separation
  3. soften harsh spice flavor
  4. prevent sedimentation of solid particles
  5. promote manufacturing yield
Aquagel CG is used in cake glaze. Its gel provides a glossy appearance in bakery products which creates a delicious appeal to consumers.

Aquavis ND is applied in noodle processing to improve its texture � firmness, stretchability, and better resistance to overcooking.

Aquagel TC is formulated as a growing media for in vitro plant tissue culture. It serves as a seedbed for developing plant. Carrageenan is an excellent alternative of agar, the most commonly used culture media, because of its lower cost. The carrageenan medium is also clear so it is easier to monitor the growth of roots.

Carrageenan may also be used in the following food applications:
  1. Piping Jellies
  2. Gummy Candies
  3. Fruit Puree
  4. Fruit Juice Concentrate
  5. Dressings

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