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Dairy Application
Carrageenan successfully meets the needs for precise adjustment of food homogeneity, texture and mouthfeel of the broad range of milk and dairy products. Carrageenan interacts and reacts well to milk proteins as it promotes the smooth and thorough dispersion of even the most delicate ingredients in milk and dairy products.

Milkvis IC is a specially formulated product intended for ice cream. Milkvis IC offers the following advantages:
  1. serves as protein stabilizer by inhibiting the precipitation of casein thru binding with casein globules
  2. interacts with milk protein in as low as 0.01% to stabilize milk systems
  3. aids in increasing the viscosity of the ice cream mix
  4. maintains product's texture during temperature fluctuations
  5. provides smooth and homogenous meltdown
  6. imparts a creamy, firm body
  7. prevents precipitation of milk casein
Milkvis CM is a product mainly suitable for chocolate milk drink and other milk products. Milkvis CM offers the following advantages:
  1. stabilizes the chocolate milk drink by keeping the cocoa and milk particles in complete suspension for a long period of time
  2. imparts homogenous appearance and texture to chocolate milk
  3. provides excellent mouthfeel and flavor release
Aside from ice cream and chocolate milk, Marcel Carrageenan also offers several other products suitable for other dairy preparations.

       Milkvis CH for Cheese
       Milkvis FL for Flan
       Milkvis YS for Yogurt
       Milkgel PD for Pudding
       Milkgel WC for Whipped Cream
       Milkgel MK for creams and other milk products

Customize and tailor made grades can also be developed based on the specific and particular requirement of clients.

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